Jason Mewes Talks New Book, Tusk, Clerks 3 and Yoga Hosers

The Power Hour Interview: Jason Mewes

jason mewes

Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame joined Matthew Sardo of The Power Hour to talk about his new book Jay & Silent Bob’s Blueprints for Destroying Everything!

Mewes also talked about the 20th anniversary of Clerks, the possibility of Clerks 3, his role and in Tusk and his next film Yoga Hosers.

Listen to the full interview that almost never happened:

Can you tell us about your book?

“OH THE BOOK!! It’s 50 blue prints from … You know it’s been one of my favorite things that we’ve made like the props and such from the movies over the years and we kept talking about those blue prints and I was just like ‘Oh that’d be awesome.’ We talked about doing other ones and we just started running through some ideas and stuff. It’s 50 different blue prints about destroying … We have like ‘Destroy the death star without killing innocent contractors’ and ‘Destroy a friend ship’ and just all different really silly things’Destroy ComicCon’ and just really goofy things that we came up with because its stuff that we like or dislike and just wanted to incorporate them with the blue prints.”

How was the book received at ComicCon?

“Oh it was awesome. We were there, I did a couple signings and we put the book out and we did a James … and we talked about the blue prints but as of right now at ComicCon all the people that came to get the book and read it and we got to talk to seem to dig it. We hope that a bunch of people get it and enjoy it. It’s a perfect like coffee table book when people come over and want to look through something but don’t want sit there and get into an 800 page book or whatever page book that they just didn’t really get involved in and so it’s a perfect book to go through and have a chuckle so.”

How do you feel about the 20th Anniversary of Clerks coming up?”

“That’s just been my…definitely…it just seems like such…it doesn’t seem like the movie has been around that long but when people say 20 years, 20 years is just seems like such a…a long time ago. It’s flattering that people still will quote stuff from the movie and talk about the movie. The other day we just left ComicCon and while we were doing the book signing people would bring up their copies of Clerks and different movies and it’s just nice that 20 years later people are quoting and saying this is one of their favorite movies and made them want to get into film and it seems like it’s changed in people’s lives. So I just think that’s fantastic and flattering. But yeah 20 years…it’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since our first movie.”

Is there any update to Clerks 3?

“Clerks 3 I mean hopefully…you know Kevin had to wait for the Winesteens and because they did the first and second one and they got first look at this one and Kevin gave it to them and was waiting on an answer from them. And while we were waiting, he did the movie Tusk, we did Tusk. We shot Tusk, it comes out in September. And then he wrote another script that if all goes well, we start shooting the next few weeks. So really it sort of just got put on the back burner while we were waiting and then they finally got back and said they didn’t want to do it but now Kevin has been able to give the script out to some other companies to see if they want to finance and distribute and shoot it. Things are looking good and Kevin’s goal is to start shooting that and hopefully February, March of next year we start shooting. If everything goes as planned. Again, Kevin is really determined to make it. Again, I hope we start shooting that at the beginning of next year and that’ll be out and about.”

You mentioned Tusk. What’s your role in Tusk?

“I’m not acting in Tusk. I exec produced it and I shot all the behind the scenes stuff. It was pretty awesome. I wanted to be on set and help out and be part of the whole production. I got to shoot my own little sort of…it was cool cuz I want to start directing. As I said I produced it, I want to produce more but it was nice because I got to be part of the whole thing and producing and learn more about producing but I got to do all the behind the scenes and we’re putting together a bunch of little 2 minute clips of sort of the making of Tusk so I got to direct my own little behind the scenes movie if you will. Or short little movies. They’re coming together. They’re awesome. They’re coming out soon so you’ll get to see what I’m talking about. So that’s how I’m involved in Tusk. I’m gonna be acting in this next one. I’m gonna be a character. I don’t know what I’m allowed to say. But Tusk I wasn’t in so.”

Can you tell us the name of the next movie?

“The next movie will be Yoga Hosers. Kevin’s talked about it so yeah it’s called Yoga Hosers. And I think Kevin’s written a blog and sort of explained a little about it. I don’t know how much he’s explained and how much I’m allowed to talk about but I know he’s mentioned the name of the movie Yoga Hosers. So hopefully we’ll be shooting that in a couple weeks. It’s another sort of horror, drama with a bit of comedy in it.”

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