Jake Odorizzi On Stirrup Malfunction And Superstitions

Despite Success Jake Odorizzi Will Not Wear Stirrups Next Time Out

Jake Odorizzi delivered a new “best outing” of his career on Saturday evening holding the Houston Astros scoreless over a career tying 7.1 innings of work. He only allowed an infield single, struck out 10 batters, walked two, and generated 22 swings and misses.

As part of the Rays throw back uniforms the players wore traditional stirrups but it didn’t take long for both of them to pop right out of his shoes.


Apparently this not an uncommon occurrence. Brian Anderson of Fox’s SunSports and a former big league pitcher himself said, “That’s the one downside to the real stirrup. You start to pitch and that landing leg and pushing off and they will eventually work their way up and out of that shoe.”

Some players might have viewed the stirrup malfunction as a sign and worn them during their next stat even if that means wearing them outside of their shoe from the first inning. Not Odorizzi who said he said he is not a big fan of the stirrups and prefers to just wear socks and shoes.

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