Israel Gutierrez On LeBron, Heat, Cavs, NBA

Earlier today on The Mariotti Show, NBA columnist  Israel Gutierrez of  joined the show to talk all things NBA with Ryan Bass who is filling in for Jay.LeBron_Wade_2014

Why you should listen: Israel gave us a rundown on what his life was like during The Decision II. What were his thoughts on LeBron and the Heat? Did he think LeBron would come back to Miami? Israel goes on to talk about all the “signs” that pointed to LeBron going back to Cleveland and if we should have paid more attention to them. Israel also talks about Kevin Love and the possibility of Love joining LeBron in Cleveland. Israel then talks about the frenzy the Heat were going through after LeBron made his decision to return to Cleveland and the panic they felt during a three hour window.

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Israel Gutierrez on The Mariotti Show: July 18, 2014