Is the Super Bowl really big outside the U.S. ?

There can be no doubt that come Sunday Fox Sports broadcast of the Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will draw a worldwide audience of nearly 160 million viewers. Yes here in the Untied States, Canada and in Mexico all eyes will be on the big game in the New Jersey Meadowlands at Met-Life Stadium.

Super Bowl XLVIII’s will likely continue the NFL’s trend of television ratings dominance, as Forbes and a number of other media outlets believes the game could break the all-time record set in 2012 by the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

In research provided by the NFL  the Fox  broadcast will reach 198 countries and territories in more than 25 languages. As we speak there are media from 24 countries on-site, and more than 100 stations from all around the country and the world are broadcasting live from Radio Row at the Super Bowl Media Center in New York’s Times Square.

But outside north America is the Super Bowl a big deal?

World Cup Final is the real ratings Super Bowl worldwide.
World Cup Final is the real ratings Super Bowl worldwide.

According to Initiative Sports Futures, an independent global sports consultancy their research says no in fact the Super Bowl is not a big deal. Out side of North America the sports fans are watching cricket, soccer, tennis, basketball and Formula 1 racing.

In recent years, the number of people who have watched the Super Bowl has varied from around 80-100 million people. That’s extremely impressive, but perhaps less so on a global scale when you consider that an estimated 98% of those viewers are from North America, with about 97% of that amount coming from the United States.

It can’t be denied, though, that the game is a big deal in the U.S. with around 1/3 of the population tuning in to the game every year. The NFL can also be proud of the fact that an ad  airing in the game will cost $4 million dollar per 30 second spot which very impressive.

Super Bowl Sunday is by many considered a holiday but when it comes to international ratings that goes to World Cup broadcasts. World Cup Finals average about 705 million viewers wordwide but the Super Bowl generates more ad dollars.

So is the Super Bowl really the biggest one day sporting event on the planet? Well, no but it is in this country and really that is what matters to football fans.

Here from our good friends at Sports Business Journal is what the NFL is doing in the way of sponsor’s and parties in other countries.
U.K. — NFL SuperBash; Primary Sponsors: Budweiser, Pepsi, VISA, Microsoft, Chrysler, Virgin Atlantic, Thomson Sport, Brand USA; Location: Indigo2 @ the O2 Arena; Audience: Sold out audience of 2,000, consisting of NFL UK Sponsors and lottery-winning fans.

MEXICO — NFL Super Fiestas (Four Events) — Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Hermosillo; Primary Sponsors: Coors Light, Banorte, VISA, Dodge, SAP, Samsung; Locations: World Trade Center, Andares Terrace, Convex Convention Center, Expo Forum Hermosillo; Audience: Ranges between 500-1,500, consisting of NFL Mexico Sponsors and consumer promotion winners.

CHINA — NFL Super Bowl Viewing Parties (Two Events) — Shanghai, Beijing; Primary Sponsors: Budweiser, VISA, Microsoft, United Airlines; Location: Kerry Hotel Shanghai, Kerry Hotel Beijing; Audience: 500-750 per event, consisting of NFL China Sponsors and ticket purchasing fans.

AUSTRALIA — NFL Super Bowl Viewing Party (in conjunction with ESPN & Foxtel) — Melbourne; Primary Sponsor: Budweiser; Location: Federation Square; Audience: Anticipated to be 1,500-2,000, free event open to the public (SBD Global).