Is Evan Longoria MVP Worthy?


In 2012,’s beat writer for the Rays predicted that Evan Longoria would be an MVP. Instead, injuries curtailed his season as he appeared in only 74 games. Make no mistake, Longoria is the best Rays player, bar none. His injury-riddled 2012 season proved that the Rays struggle when he is not in the lineup.

Longoria is one of the best defensive third basemen in baseball. Night in and night out, he plays spectacularly, and his play at third should be required viewing for young players manning the hot corner. Offensively, he leads Rays hitters year in and year out in home runs and RBIs.

He also hit one of the most dramatic home runs ever in 2011 when he blasted the Tampa Bay Rays into the playoffs in game 162. Evan Longoria is a very good player. But can he take the next step and put together the numbers to warrant MVP consideration?

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