Insiders NFL Power Rankings (Week 1)

Week 1 is officially in the books and we at Sports Talk Florida have gotten together to bring you our NFL Power Rankings. The formula to determine the rankings is the same as the one used for our NCAA Top 25 Poll.

Week 1 Power Rankings includes votes from myself, Charlie Bernstein, Mike Corcoran, and Eric Lopez.

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Movement in Rankings is noted in parenthesis.

1. 49ers (+ 2)

2. Patriots (No Movement)

3. Ravens (+3)

4. Texans (+1)

5. Falcons (+10)

6. Packers (-5)

7. Cowboys (+2)

8. (tie) Broncos (+5)/ Bears (No Movement)

10. Giants (-6)

11. (tie) Lions (-1)/ Steelers (-4)

13. Chargers (+1)

14. Redskins (+10)

15. Eagles (-5)

16. Jets (+3)

17. Buccaneers (+6)

18. Saints (-7)

19. Bengals (-3)

20. (tie) Cardinals (+7)/ Panthers (No Movement)/ Chiefs (-2)

23. Vikings (+8)

24. Titans (-3)

25. (tie) Seahawks (-3)/ Jaguars (+1)

27. Raiders (-2)

28. Bills (-11)

29. Rams (No Movement)

30. Colts (-2)

31. Browns (+1)

32. Dolphins (-2)

Biggest Jump: Atlanta Falcons (Blowout Win in Kansas City) and Washington Redskins (Impressive win in RG3’s debut over the Saints)

Biggest Drop: Buffalo Bills (Blowout loss to a New York Jets team that could barely score in the preseason, Ryan Fitzpatrick played poorly)

Other Notes: The 49ers take the top spot after an impressive road win at Green Bay. New England remains at #2 but there was one first place vote for the Patriots after their impressive win on the road against the Titans.

In the state of Florida, The Buccaneers were the only team to get a win over the weekend after they defeated the Carolina Panthers. That win propelled them six spots to 17.

In a somewhat strange occurrence, the Jaguars moved up a spot despite their heartbreaking loss in OT to the Minnesota Vikings.

Lastly (literally), the Miami Dolphins dropped two spots to dead last after things got out of hand in Houston. Tannehill struggled in his first career start and it could be a sign of things to come. The two teams ahead of Miami both have rookie QB’s (Andrew Luck, Brandon Weeden) starting as well. How well (or bad) these three QB’s play could determine which team will make the cellar of the Power Rankings their home.