Insider: Tampa Bay Lightning/NHL Notebook

With the NHL off-season officially underway, one of the first order’s of business for General Managers is the NHL entry draft, which will take place just over a week from now in Pittsburgh.

The Lightning own two first round picks, and either three or four second round picks. The problem with handicapping what will happen in this years draft is that many suspect there is a better than average chance that one or more of those picks will be used to possible acquire a player. The big speculation is that Steve Yzerman will use those assets to possibly try to go get a goaltender, with Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathon Bernier being the name that continuously is mentioned.

If a deal gets done prior to the draft, it will potentially drastically change the Lightning’s approach to the draft itself. Stay tuned to see where all the cards fall.

Goaltender Gains

RDS in Canada is reporting that the Tampa Bay Lightning have agreed to terms with goaltender Riku Helenius on a two way deal. According to RDS, the deal is a two way deal in year one, and a one way deal in year two.

Scheduling Matters

While the Lightning have yet to officially announce any of their games, other teams have started to announce preseason schedules. The Carolina Hurricanes announced they will be taking on Tampa Bay at Amway Center September 27th. It will be the Lightning”s 2nd straight year taking the jog up I-4. They visited Amway Center last preseason, losing to the St. Louis Blues.

Twitter question of the week.

Earlier this week, I was asked the question if I had a day with the Stanley Cup, what would I do with it? I threw this question out to my twitter followers, and here are some of the better responses:


I’d fill it with holy water and have them use it to annoint people at church on Sunday


I’d ride it down a bobsled track with a bottle of jack.


Take it to schools/summer camps so kids could enjoy it & learn its importance


I would watch other sports throughout the day on a nice comfy sofa with it. Dr. Pepper in the cup. Maybe some ramen later


 I would eat a banana split out of it for breakfast. Take it around Tampa & have a BBQ on the beach at the end of the day


 I’d take it to rinks in the area-surely there are tons of young kids who’d love to see it. Their smiles would be priceless!


 I would spend a day with the Stanley Cup with my dad, who raised me as a hockey fan. We’d probably watch sports, lol.


Plain and simple would take it to Brandon, and have fun with all the Beer league folks I play with on the weekends.


Bring it to seniors residences and hospitals. But first stand in a busy intersection waving it.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Going to try to make a question of the week type thing a permanent fixture in future columns.