Insider: Rays’ Friedman Meets With Angels

Andrew Friedman recently met with Los Angeles Angels’ owner Arte Moreno and team president John Carpino according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports that Friedman – the Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Tampa Bay Rays – is the Angels’ top choice for their vacated general manager position, but one source told him they do not believe Friedman will leave. Friedman has been mentioned in past rumors involving the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros, however, this is the first report of him meeting with another organization.

Unlike most executives in Major League Baseball, Friedman does not have a contract with the Rays. I have asked Friedman about this in the past. “My situation here is fairly unique in the industry, but it has never been a source of concern for me” Friedman said. “The relationship that I have with Stu (Sternberg) and our ownership group is a very positive one, with open dialogue and rigorous thought and questioning.  I value it and would expect it to be the case regardless of my contract status” he added.

Rays’ principal owner Stu Sternberg has said he does not expect Friedman to leave and recently referred to him as a “partner”. This fueled speculation held by some in baseball that Friedman is a part owner of the team. Beyond meeting with the Angels, Friedman’s interest in pursuing opportunities outside of the Rays’ organization is unknown.