Insider: Kings Win It All; Let the Offseason Begin

Los Angeles truly was “King” of the hill in this postseason, winning the franchises first Stanley Cup on Monday night in convincing fashion.

The Kings were a team that ultimately came together at the perfect time, and had everything a teams needs to win a Stanley Cup. They had a Conn Smythe wining goaltender in Jonathon Quick, who carried the team on his shoulders at times. They had a defenseman in Drew Doughty who’s title went from” potential,” to straight “franchise “defenseman. They had star players in Mike Richards and Jeff Carter that took advantage of a terrific second chance they had with Los Angeles.

As a team, they were nearly perfect on the road, winning all but one of their games on the road this season. For their last trick, they overcame the adversity that was starting to mount after dropping two straight games to the Devils to win the Stanley Cup.

While the Kings may have had their faults at times, they clearly were the best team of this postseason, and that is why they found themselves hoisting the Stanley Cup on Monday night.

Let the off-season begin!

Now that the off-season has officially begun, it is expected to be a busy one for the Tampa Bay Lightning. On top of the to do list, finding a number one goaltender to carry the load for the Lightning next year. That could happen fairly quickly, with the NHL entry draft set to get under way in less than two weeks. Do the Lightning trade for a goaltender during this draft? They have the assets to do it in draft picks, and if a deal makes sense, it would not be a surprise to see something happen.

If the Lightning do not make any moves with their picks, they will have a plethora of options in front of them in terms of what to do in the draft. More on that later in the week.

After that, it is on to free agency. If history is any indication, one would not expect Steve Yzerman to be a big shopper in the early going, but instead wait to see what bargains are out there over the course of later July and early August.

From there, it will be all about the CBA. While there has been plenty of talk of doom and gloom, there has yet to be one bargaining session. So until the sides get together, and we see what they truly want, there is really no indication of how this will end, or if any time will be missed moving forward.

There will be plenty of drama this summer, with a lot of things still to be established for the local hockey team. Make sure to check out ESPN Florida for all the latest news as it happens this summer.