Insider: CBA Negotiations Continue

We have been down the road of preaching caution before in terms of the ongoing CBA negotiations, but is there finally really a reason to be optimistic, or hopeful that a resolution can be found?

There are some signs that are starting to make you wonder, or perhaps we are all just reaching for any straws at this point.

The National Hockey League and the NHLPA have spent the past couple days going over a proposal presented to the players from the league. The players went back and needed some things clarified on Wednesday, before meetings ended for the day. But here is the point that, on the surface, makes you wonder if there may be some light at the end of the so called tunnel.  The players will be back, with a counter offer based on the one presented to them today.

This has to be a sign of progress right? Or at least a sign that things may finally be heading in a direction where both sides are working towards common ground, right?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

One thing that needs to be stressed throughout this process? Until the final document is done and signed, it is not done at all. There have already been moments in the process where we probably have all gotten ahead of ourselves, thinking we were on the expressway to getting a deal, only to have hopes and dreams crushed.

But that does not mean we can’t look, and root, for progress, and the idea that the two sides are talking, exchanging proposals and counter proposals, and looking for common ground along the way has to be looked at as a good sign of some sort, considering both sides spent much of the summer not talking at all.

So now we wait. Thursday will be telling in terms of what, if any, progress has been made over the past week. But as long as both sides keep talking, perhaps that is all the progress we can hope for.