Indianapolis Prepared For Manning’s Return

Almost two years after LeBron James’ free agency captivated the NBA, there was the NFL’s version involving Peyton Manning.

Although Manning’s decision to play for the Denver Broncos was far less dramatic (or ridiculed) than LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach, both choices had landscape-changing impacts on their sport.

On Sunday, Manning returns to play the Colts in Indianapolis, where he was the signature player for 14 years before he was released.

However, unlike in the case of Lebron James, there will not be many boo’s in Lucas Oil Stadium. According to Bill Polian of USA TODAY Sports:

“[The fans are] going to welcome him back with open arms. They’re not going to forget ever what Peyton did for them and for the city, state and the sport in Indiana.”

Source: Andrew Brandt Sports Illustrated