If the “Price is right,” Rays will deal

David Price might get traded this off season. But only if the right deal comes along.
David Price might get traded this off season. But only if the right deal comes along.

The Tampa Bay Rays off season will be dominated by the biggest question in all of baseball. Will they or won’t they trade David Price?

You can bet that if Tampa Bay general manager Andrew Friedman is indeed taking phone calls about his lefty ace, the phone will ringing off the hook.

The Hot Stove is already white hot with the teams willing to talk Price trade. MLB Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports and just about every website that covers baseball are on “Price Watch.” Let’s be honest the Rays are in the drivers seat here because just how often is their a left handed power pitcher that owns a Cy Young award on the trade market. The answer is almost never.

So who do the national media feel that will have the best chance talking the Rays into parting with Price? Well , first of all it is expected that if the Rays do make the move to trade Price they will first look for a trade partner in the National League.

Tampa Bay will want a package that includes both arms and strong young bats. The top team on the call list will be the   Los Angles Dodgers. The possibility of having Price join their rotation of Orlando’s Zack Greinke and likely NL Cy Young winner,  Clayton Kershaw is very appealing to the Dodgers.  The Cubs are also thought to have what the Rays want in the way of top position players that have speed and power.  Javier Baez, Albert Almora and Jorge Soler are all players the Rays like and Chicago’s top pitching prospect in C.J. Edwards is also reportedly  on the table.

The Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals are also considered possible trade partners with the Mets and maybe even the Cardinals lurking out there with a possible deal.  The most talked about partner in the American League at present is Texas. They Rangers are deep with prospects that could keep the Rays happy.

So, if and is a big if, Tampa Bay wants to trade Price you can bet they will be able to land enough top, controllable young stars to keep them competitive for years to come. Or as it is becoming known nationally around baseball. “Doing things the Rays Way.”