How Have The Saints Prepared For Seattle?

Saints Try Everything Possible in Practice

Saints_Sean_Payton_1As we all know the New Orleans Saints have a tough road game today in Seattle against the Seahawks. Weather is supposed to be a big factor in the game. There’s a 100 percent chance of rain and the winds are projected to be anywhere from 20-30mph.

To prepare for these conditions, Saints coach Sean Payton went all out in practice.

Via Ed Werder of ESPN, he considered setting off the fire alarms in the indoor practice facility, triggering the sprinklers, but was eventually talked out of it. Instead, they practiced throwing and catching wet footballs.

Payton even had the Seahawks logo painted on the practice field to make the conditions as much as close to game time as possible. Maybe it was to enrage the players to remind them of the tough 34-7 loss they suffered in Seattle on December 2nd. Maybe Payton thought that’d make his players practice harder. Who knows?

It was reported that Payton even blew out two speakers while attempting to prepare for the noise factor in Seattle. They do in fact, as everyone knows (or should know) by now, have the loudest stadium in the league. They broke the Guinness world record at 137.6 decibels, shattering the previous record of 137.5 broken in Kansas City back in October. Rumors have it they actually created a small earthquake.

12th man flag polePayton says if they had time, they’d have put up the 12th man flag pole.

“We’re trying to simulate as best we can,” Payton said. “We’ve got the speakers booming. If we had time we’d have put the 12th Man flagpole up and raised it right before the start of practice and flown in a Seattle resident. It’s just trying to create that environment for your players that will be much like it is on game day and you try to think of a lot of different things in regards to your preparation and be really detailed and it really signifies the attention to detail we’ve got to pay this week.”

The Saints are trying everything; taking everything into effect. It should make for a thrilling game, which will be aired on FOX at 4:35pm ET.