Harbaugh Evaluates Prospects with Game of Catch


Usually, NFL teams evaluate draft prospects during Pro Day, meetings, and interviews. Not Jim Harbaugh.

These days, the character of a player is very important but San Francisco 49ers coach Harbaugh uses a different evaluation tool.

Instead of talking with a player, Harbaugh likes to play a game of catch. He takes a little trip back in time to his playing days in the NFL.

According to Kevin Clark of the Wall Street Journal, Harbaugh uses the game of catch as a chance to gauge the prospects and find out more about them.

“You’re always sizing somebody up,” Harbaugh said. ”I’m not trying to look in their eyes. Just trying to see how they catch.”

It is definitely an interesting way to judge players, but if Harbaugh is able to get the information he needs and it helps to get the player comfortable, then so be it.

You do you, Jim Harbaugh.

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