Groom Changes Middle Name To “Charger” At Wedding

It doesn’t take a scholar to figure out what team these people are for. There are some crazy football fans out there but this has got to take the cake. Zing!

A bride and groom had a wedding themed with EVERYTHING San Diego Chargers related. And we mean everything. Rings, cake, decorations…you name it.

It went so far that the groom changed his middle name.


Phouva, who came to the United States from Laos when he was 15, is now a firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service. He is such a die-hard Chargers fan that he legally changed his middle name to “Charger.”

“I was drawn by that already,” said Garcia.

The couple is building a (second!) school in Laos, too, which is very nice. You can already guess the mascot and color scheme of any varsity sports teams established in said school.