The Glazers the world’s most power family in sports

The Glazer family own both the Tampa Bay Bucs and Manchester United
The Glazer family own both the Tampa Bay Bucs and Manchester United

The Forbes list of the 50 Most Valuable Franchises in sports came out on Wednesday and there is one thing for sure. The Glazer family, Bryan, Joel, Avram and Edward  are most powerful in all of sports.

They own Manchester United that was the number three overall most valuable and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who logged in at 30th overall.

The Glazer family run their operations from South Florida, Tampa, Washington, D.C, and Manchester, managing their impressive sports portfolio.

They were not the only owner to have two teams on the Top 50 list. Billionaire Stanley Kroenke owns both the 16th team on the list EPL power Arsenal and the St. Louis Rams who ranked 45th on the list.

Manchester United one of the world’s most successful brands was 3rd overall on the Forbes list worth at $2.81. The Bucs value $1.067 billion which is a slip of two places from last year when they had the 28th most valuable franchise. That said Tampa Bay remained in the middle of the NFL pack at #17 just behind the Miami Dolphins.

A 2013 Sports Illustrated report written by Grant Wahl put the Glazer family as the third most powerful people in global soccer. Right behind FIFA head man Sepp Blatter and the Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore was ranked second.

That is high praise and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has worked closely over the years with the Glazers on a number of league projects. He is also working closely with them to bring a Super Bowl back to Tampa in the not to distant future.

Here is a quick look at the top five most valuable sports franchise according to Forbes. We start with soccer powers Real Madrid, worth $3.44 billion, followed by Barcelona in second place, worth $3.2 billion, in third place we have Manchester United at $2.81 billion, the New York Yankees are in fourth, worth $2.5 billion and the Dallas Cowboys hold down the 5th spot with a value of $2.3 billion.

Going inside the numbers of the top 50 as you might expect the list was dominated by the NFL who accounted for 30 spots on the list. Teams from soccer’s elite leagues, English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s La Liga accounted for eight members of the exclusive club.