Giants: Eli Would Restructure To Keep Cruz

Eli Manning will restructure his deal if need be.

“If the Giants want to work something out, I am always up for listening and figuring out what I can do to help the cause,” Manning said Wednesday night, via “That is kind of up to the Giants and what they want to do. I am always up for listening and doing whatever is best for the team to put us in a [situation] to win more championships.”

It helps that Cruz is now represented by CAA, which also represents Manning. So if getting a new deal with Cruz requires Manning to do a new deal, CAA can make that happen.

Of course, a restructuring from Eli wouldn’t cost him any money. Instead, current cap dollars (he’s north of $20 million) would be pushed to future years, and Eli’s take-home pay wouldn’t change.

“I’ve been sending a few texts to him. ‘Yeah, hey, get this done. Make sure he stays with us,’” Manning said. “Obviously I want Victor back with the Giants, and obviously right now he is [tendered].

Source: Mike Florio, NBC Sports Pro Football Talk