Giants Coughlin On Last Practice With The Team

New York Giants head Tom Coughlin took his team to the practice field for the last this season afterwards Coughlin spoke to the media.

Q: Do you go with Louis Murphy if Rueben Randle can’t go?
A: Well, he’d certainly… Yeah, he was taking most of the reps today, but (Julian) Talley can play out there, too, and so on.

Q: Did Rueben’s knee not respond?
A: Well, it’s not that it didn’t respond, but it’s still sore.

Q: What have you liked about this team after the slow start?
A: Yeah, but they fight. They persevere. They’re resilient. They’ve stuck together. That’s the number one thing, is they stayed together as a team. They believed in each other and so there’s an awful lot of outstanding team values that have come forward through the adversity and the difficulties that we’ve had this year, but it is, to be honest with you, a very, very coachable and likeable group.

Q: Do you say anything given it’s the last regular season practice?
A: I don’t like the word “last.” I actually told them today I’d like to slow it down. I’m not one that’s in favor of the sixteenth game of the year being this weekend. I wish we had some more to play.

Q: For Justin Tuck to put the kind of season he did individually, has that been acknowledged in terms of what he was able to accomplish?
A: By who?

Q: By you and other coaches.
A: Sure, absolutely.

Q: What does it say for him?
A: I think I’ve tried to say it before that he’s done a good job from the standpoint of he came in, he worked hard, he got elected captain and he continued to work hard. He really has done more to demonstrate and show a good example than he has to say anything at any time, I think, except for something good about others and other members of this team. He’s had a good season and he’s also been a good example.

Source: New York Giants Media