Garth Snow’s reaction to Tavares injury all wrong


News broke that New York Islanders’ John Tavares is out for the rest of the Olympic tournament and for the rest of the year.

This comes as a blow to an Islanders’ team that made the playoffs last year and were expected to repeat but have not lived up to the expectations so far.

Islanders’ GM Garth Snow came out vehemently according to Arthur Staple bashing the IOC and the IIHF.


Although the IOC will pay the salary as it is covered under an insurance policy on the player, it is puzzling that Snow is going after the people who had nothing to do with player selection. If he really wanted to point the finger as to why his player was in a situation to get injured on a team that isn’t his team, he should look to Team Canada.

Team Canada selected Tavares and it was a great honor in being selected, it still comes with its risks. Snow knows this and so did Tavares. So for Snow to claim outrage when his star player is injured and blaming the IOC is pure folly.

If GM’s don’t recognize that the IOC/IIHF is essentially the caretaker of the tournament who houses everything and not the entity that picks their players than really maybe it’s time to come to grips with reality.

Mr. Snow, Team Canada is to blame, if anyone truly is, for John Tavares being injured as it was under their employ when he became injured. The injury was not caused by the IOC/IIHF and Tavares went over to Sochi willingly and represented his country—Canada.

Realistically, injuries happen and Tavares could have been injured at any given point of the season during games and off-ice as well. So Snow should accept,as distasteful as it seems,  what happened and move on from this.

Another issue with Snow’s reaction is the claim that this will affect season ticket holders and implication that the IOC should refund their tickets. One as stated before, the IOC and IIHF have a policy which will cover Tavares salary and the team can use that money to refund season ticket holders asking for a refund.

Speaking of accountability and season ticket holders, why isn’t Snow explaining to his loyal ticket holders why he has constantly fielded a squad that is subpar at best and only made the playoffs in the past seven years? Shouldn’t he refund them their money based on the fact that his team was underachieving before the Tavares injury and was heading towards missing the playoffs anyway? The IOC didn’t cause this situation either.

The truth of the matter is, whatever money given by the insurance policy will not be used to reimburse season ticket holders as it more than likely will stay with the team.

Snow should stop while he is ahead, because his anger is misplaced and unnecessary.

This is an unfortunate incident and he is definitely placed in a tough spot but he can’t have it both ways, by complaining that F Kyle Okposo didn’t make Team USA and then blow up when his captain is out for the year. Nor can he say with good conscience, he wouldn’t have promoted his “gold medal winning captain” upon return.  Not to mention, laying claim that the team doesn’t receive any financial help when a player is injured during the Olympics.

It’s been a tough year for New York Islanders’ fans and it’s going to get tougher. Snow doesn’t need to make a bad situation worse with claims like these especially when he has been at the helm of this team and they have been fielding a squad chalk full of deficiencies.

It’s time for Snow to look in the mirror and realize that he can’t have it both ways and placing blame incorrectly won’t solve problems. Snow needs to step up and help his team win because that is his job as Charles Wang doesn’t pay him to spout out in anger towards the media.