Fox Super Bowl telecast had its ups and downs

Former Florida Gator Percy Harvin takes the second half kickoff 92 yards for a TD.
Former Florida Gator star Percy Harvin takes the second half kickoff 92 yards for a TD.

The final score of Super Bowl XLVIII was the Seattle Seahawks 48 and the Denver Broncos 8. The Fox broadcast team of Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Pam Oliver and Erin Andrews gave it their best shot but what was there to say?

This game was over at halftime when Seattle was up 22-0.

Buck and Aikman set up the second half kickoff by Denver  saying “If the Broncos can get a quick three and out here, then get a touchdown we still could have a game.”

Well 12 seconds later as former Florida Gator star Percy Harvin  took the ball 92 yards for a score and it was 29-0 Seattle. Even the most rabid Broncos fan knew that Payton Manning was not going to be able to rally Denver past Seattle, this was game set match.

How often can you say the Seattle defense is as good as the 1985 Chicago Bears or the 2000 Baltimore Ravens?

You know a telecast is in trouble when they start showing shots of stars in the stands and going into detail about the television shows and movies they are doing.

This like other Super Bowls in the past was a blowout leaving Buck, Aikman, Andrews and Oliver with a great deal of time to talk but very little to say other than to praise the winner’s from Seattle, sooth the wounded Broncos fans and then say goodbye.

Don’t blame the broadcast crew for a bad game, they are as only as good as the storyline they had to work with and yesterday that story was all Seattle and very little about either Manning or his Broncos teammates.

Hey we will always have the Bud ad with the rescue dog and the horse.