Troy Aikman talks about the NFC Title Game

The Seahawks  Russell Wilson and the 49ers Colin Kaepernick face off in the NFC Championsip game
The Seahawks Russell Wilson and the 49ers Colin Kaepernick face off in the NFC Championsip game

If you ask Fox lead NFL analyst Troy Aikman who the two best teams are in the NFC he will be quick to point out that it just happens to be the two teams facing off at 6:30 p.m. in Seattle Sunday night. The Seahawks will host their rivals the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Chapionship Game.

Aikman will be joined by Joe Buck, Pam Oliver and Erin Andrews on the broadcast team. As always FOX NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira joins Buck and Aikman in the booth to explain and inform on any close calls by the officials during the game.

Talking to Aikman on Wednesday he likes that these two are rivals, who don’t like each other. But he feels that it will be a close game with both teams running the ball and using their outstanding defenses to make sure the game stays close.

AIKMAN ON THE DIFFERENCE ON OFFENSE FOR THE 49ERS WITH WR MICHAEL CRABTREE IN THE LINEUP –“With that injury, I was surprised he even came back to play.  As he’s gone through each week and he’s been able to trust the injury holding up, his play has been outstanding.  You’re adding another guy that defenses have to worry about.”

AIKMAN ON THE 49ERS PICKING UP WR ANQUAN BOLDIN – “Where would the 49ers be right now without Anquan Boldin and what he was able to do.  It was a tremendous pickup, best trade of the year for what they gave up.”

AIKMAN ON THE IMPORTANCE OF SEATTLE SEAHAWKS WR PERCY HARVIN – “As far as Percy Harvin, he hasn’t even played a full game yet this year. He played part of a game and went down, and then came back and played part of a game last week and went down. If he is healthy and he’s able to play, you can certainly adjust on the fly. He’s a dynamic player that creates matchup problems that you just don’t see from that many guys. I think of a guy like [Darren] Sproles who you can line up in a lot of different positions and take advantage of some things. Percy Harvin is that type of guy that can go the distance anytime he has the ball in his hands. They could certainly use him, but I don’t know that anyone in the organization would be anticipating him being able to contribute much, if at all.”

AIKMAN SAYS IT DOESN’T MATTER IF RUSSELL WILSON’S NUMBERS ARE DOWN FROM EARLIER IN THE YEAR. HE’S WINNING AND THAT’S WHAT’S IMPORTANT – “There are a lot of factors that go into numbers and how they’re evaluated.  The biggest thing is that they’ve played some good teams, and they have really relied on the things that they believe in as an organization, and that is ball control, run the football, play great defense, field position, protect the football. When you play that style, then it doesn’t really lend itself to putting up really gaudy numbers as a quarterback. The most important thing for Russell Wilson is he has won. Unfortunately that gets overlooked far more than it should. For a guy who has won as much as he has, maybe more than anybody in his first two years as a starter in the National Football League, and yet as I prepare for this game this week, I’m seeing a lot of discussion about how his numbers aren’t as good as what maybe they were early in the year and I’m not really sure why anyone really cares about that. They’re playing in the NFC Championship Game with a chance to go win the Super Bowl.”

Fox NFL Sunday will be live from Seattle and will begin at 6 p.m. with Co-hosts Terry Bradshaw and Curt Menefee along with analysts Howie Long, Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, insider Jay Glazer and NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira.