Fox’s Howie Long: “Wilson is the most genuine guy in football”

For the Seahawks to be a factor Sunday they need a positive start from Russell Wilson
For the Seahawks to be a factor Sunday they need a positive start from Russell Wilson

FOX SUPER BOWL DAILY airs twice at noon ET and 6 p.m. on FOX Sports 1 all this week from New York City. Yesterday the show was hosted by Curt Menefee and Joel Klatt with panelists Brian Urlacher, Howie Long, Scott Fujita, Randy Moss and Jay Glazer.

The gang talked about the Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos defense.

Brian Urlacher – He takes care of the football. He values the possession of the football. A lot of young guys, you see them throw a lot of picks, fumbles, turnovers, he doesn’t do that. He values the football. When you have a good defense, you can do that. You can run the football; puts him in a good position. He scrambles better than anyone. He scrambles to get first downs. It’s impressive all the way around.

Howie Long – The one spot (the Seahawks) have kind of really missed on is the big receiver. I believe if Russell Wilson had the kind of receiving core that Peyton Manning has, or the receiving core at San Francisco, he puts up a lot more yardage. Things didn’t start well in the NFC Championship Game for Russell Wilson, so you talk about protecting the football, but it’s also the poise. What he needs to do at some point during the football game – a fourth and seven; fourth quarter, (Head Coach) Pete Carroll takes the kicking team off the field and decides to go for it, and Russell Wilson makes the big throw. That’s who he is. We have a lot of really good players in the league, but he might be the most genuine guy in football.

Tim Ryan – This kid knows the grid. He does his pirouette, flip back around and know where everyone is. Another category he’s great, last two minutes of the half; last two minutes of the game, this guy is electric. I don’t care about all those passing numbers with Peyton Manning, one number matters with Russell Wilson, he’s got more wins in his first two years of playing pro football than any other quarterback in the history of the game.


Fujita – They’re defense has stepped up, played their best, when it mattered the most. They poured it on, and got better and better throughout the season.

Urlacher – The AFC Championship really showed me something about Denver’s defense. I thought that New England could run the ball, and then play-action off the run, like they did all through the playoffs and the season. Denver’s defense stood up, the front four, or five, however many they rotate in. Their secondary stood up as well, Champ (Bailey) came in for one of the guys (Chris Harris) who got hurt. Champ comes in, and does a good job as well.

Long – We talk about teams getting hot. Baltimore, the New York Giants, and team’s that got hot at the right time. Defensively, this team was not playing well in the middle of the year. They had some injuries, had some players that had to step up; kind of had to redefine who they are. I think their offense did a nice job of adjusting what they do; running the football more, protecting their defense a little more.