Flacco Could Give Ravens A Break With Structure, Not Amount

As the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco attempt to work out a long-term deal before the March 4 deadline for applying the franchise tag to the Super Bowl MVP, it sounds like Flacco won’t be willing to give his team a hometown discount.

Instead, any breaks given to the Ravens will be accomplished via the structure of the deal. That’s what agent Joe Linta said during a recent appearance on PFT Live.

So the goal, as Linta explained it, is to “be creative with the contract to get what you want and structure so that it helps the Ravens and doesn’t put them in a bad place cap-wise.”

Of course, the cap number the Ravens are actually facing for Flacco will depend on the level of the franchise tag they plan to use. The Ravens could try to bluff Flacco and Linta by suggesting that they’ll use the non-exclusive tag ($14.6 million) and match whatever offer another team may make. But if another team crafts a contract with a gigantic 2013 cap number and a willingness to give up two first-round draft picks, the Super Bowl MVP could be changing addresses.

Stranger things have happened. And it’ll be up to the Ravens to prevent Flacco from playing for, say, the Chiefs. Or the Cardinals.

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