FGCU Scrambling To Keep Coach Andy Enfield

Fort Myers NBC affiliate Channel 2 reports in an exclusive report this evening that Florida Gulf Coast University is scrambling to re-work Andy Enfield’s contract. NBC2 reports that the university is looking to double the current $300,000 annual salary for Enfield, who is currently in the second-year of a five-year deal.

The television station reports that the university does not currently have the money to make that happen and hopes that donations will come into the university in order to make that happen. Enfield has an interesting resume, including being married to a former model which graced the cover of Maxim magazine. He is a very successful entrepreneur, so I don’t think that a doubling of his salary will be enough to keep Enfield entrenched at FGCU unless he really enjoys the SW Florida area.

He is young, 43. He has three young children. Perhaps he enjoys the SW Florida lifestyle. It’s laid back, there is (or should I say was) little media scrutiny. But facts are facts. He turned this program around very quickly. High profile jobs are going to come calling and if he manages to get the Eagles past the Gators in the Sweet Sixteen, all bets will be off, he could name his salary and likely have a choice of jobs.

Source: Eric Schmidt, Yardbarker.com