ESPN: Tebow Is Unlikely To Play In NFL Again

Tim Tebow is taboo, according to ESPN. And it’s nearly impossible any NFL will hire him.

In the June issue of ESPN Magazine, dubbed the taboo issue, the sports giant labels Tebow as someone no NFL team wants to touch. And, surprisingly, ESPN takes part of the blame for making that happen.

“…With help from ESPN and a disastrous trade to the Jets, Tebow’s messianic melange of faith, football and fame mushroomed into a nauseating, ratings-driven phenomenon so huge, all-consuming and annoying that it actually became taboo to even mention his name for no other reason than, well, we had already talked about him too much,” Dave Fleming writes in the magazine.

The extensive exposure Tebow received – from ESPN, from being the subject of skits on Saturday Night Live and having a parody song sung by Jimmy Fallon – all made Tebow a hot media property whose popularity far exceeded his pro football ability, according to Fleming.

“About 18 months after taking Sundays by storm, Tebowmania had turned on its namesake and morphed him into the NFL’s version of Kim Kardashian: over­exposed, divisive … and more popular than ever. It seemed only fitting that Tebow’s first public appearance after getting pink-slipped was on an episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,”

Fleming goes on to say that Tebow’s NFL career is over.

“Even now, after Tebow cleared waivers unclaimed and with members of his camp privately admitting that his NFL run is probably over, the football world remains as divided as ever over him. It’s nearly impossible to find a teammate who will say anything bad about Tebow as a person — or a scout who will say anything good about him as a player. But the sports masses mostly side with the NFL personnel people. It’s embarrassing and exhausting to discuss him, which makes it official: Tim Tebow has jumped the shark.”

Source: Roger Simmons, Orlando Sentinel