ESPN Megacast of FSU win was perfect

ESPN production crews did not miss a thing in their Megacast
ESPN production crews did not miss a thing in their Megacast

So many times in sports the big event never quite lives up to the hype. Last night however that was not the case as the Seminoles came from behind beat Audurn to win the final BCS Championship in a game that became an instant classic.  

But not only was the game was a classic but so was the ESPN Megacast on every level it was a true hit. I was able watch the game telecast, listen to both the FSU and Aubrn calls of the game complete with video as well as realtime stats graphics that were not in the way of the broadcast.

I could watch coaches and players break the game down as it happened and this was a fans dream telecast. Never before did the second screen become so much a part of the broadcast. I was watching the game brodcast on my HD flat screen while moving back and fourth using my Watch ESPN app on my tablet.

There is no doubt that we will see the Megacast concept used again on a big event. It is far too cool to be put in a shelf and never used again.

Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit, were as always perfect in the call of the big game. I think that the team of Musburger and Herbstreit deserve to be considered as “Gold Standard,” for college football brodcast crews. I have great respect for a number of other outstanding college football announce teams at CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC, all of whom do such a good job broadcasting the games on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s.

But  Musburger and Herbstreit, a cut a slight cut above the others and together they are able to the energy level high which is not an easy task. The duo understand where the storylines are and how to change on the fly when needed.

Also, another great job to my good friend and outstanding broadcaster Gene  Deckerhoff who did another brilliant job of calling an FSU National Championship victory. There can be no doubt that  Deckerhoff loves the Seminoles but he is a very fair man giving credit to in this case Auburn when the Tigers did something worthy of praise.

He is a quality person and a world class talent. His broadcast partner William Floyd has grown into a very solid alayst and he compliments Deckerhoff quite well, which is why they are such a superb team.

So, it was a great night for FSU, ESPN and everyone who make up Seminole Nation.