Eric Decker Says Successful Offense Starts with Manning

Bronco’s wide receiver Eric Decker spoke to media about Sunday’s game.
On if he thinks the Seahawks “push the envelope” with physical play:
“In this league it’s a very physical game. You see a lot of defenses, especially with the passing game becoming more prevalent, cornerbacks getting to the receiver at the line of scrimmage and at the top of routes. I think they do it well. They challenge teams and are the best at it in the NFL. As far as pushing the envelope, I wouldn’t say so much. I’d say they do as much as other teams do, even ourselves.”
On what he sees from Seattle’s defense:
“I’d say they’re really sound in their coverages. They play few coverages and they do it really well. They definitely will mix it up, as far as playing press or playing off. We’ll try to confuse you with holding the safeties a little bit. They mix it up well and we have to be ready for anything.”
On offensive coordinator Adam Gase:
“He has a very creative mind. He allows us to do a lot of things. I think it sets with all the guys in the skill positions even, up front. We’re very versatile. With the paces that we’ve gone with, the tempos that we’ve changed, from fast to slow, we try to mix it up and do what’s to our advantage. I think we’ve progressed, big time, from last year into this season, as far as opening the playbook up, playing the guys in different positions and just allowing us to really game plan for what is going to be best for us.”
On tight end Julius Thomas:
“When he came in, he was a very intelligent player. He’s very athletic, obviously raw football-wise because of his basketball background, and he picked it up quick. I think it was because of his “want to”. He’s studied a lot of tape, he’s got a good coach in tight ends coach Clancy Barone. He put in the time and obviously it’s shown off for him now.”
On what has made the offense so successful this year:
“It starts with the quarterback position. When you have such a great quarterback, like Peyton Manning, throwing you the ball, you want to get open. You have four guys, even everyone else that is a part of the wide receiver tight end group, wants to be great and wants to get open. We’ve had a great opportunity this year to really mold together, to be very unselfish, and to do things that no one has done in NFL history. With that mindset and the unselfishness, we were able to accomplish those things.”
On how quarterback Manning improved the Broncos offense:
“I would say the all-around preparation. When we got here in April, we were on the field working already. We were going through what our scheme was going to be for the season, route technique, just different things to work on our ability to be great. I think that’s really what it stems from, all the hard work and attention to details that we’ve focused on since the offseason.”
On Seattle’s defensive physicality:
“This is a physical game. Everyone across the league is trying to combat a receiver at the line of scrimmage, because it’s becoming a passing league. You need to throw off the timing and do something different to disrupt what teams are doing so successfully. I would say, just like every other team across the league that they’re just as physical.”
On changes when Wes Welker came in:
“With his history of being such a great slot receiver, we felt like that was the best position for him and I would play a little more outside and go a little bit inside if need be. It allows us to be more versatile, to have him in there. We still mix it up, whatever the game plan.  Whoever we think has the best chance of getting us to win, as far as putting guys in different spots, is what we’ve done. I’ve allowed myself to work more as an outside receiver.”
On the Denver Broncos as a team:
“The best thing is we’re all great friends, we respect one another, we all want to make each other better, and there’s no big ego in our locker room. That’s a testament to the coaching staff, to John Elway for putting the personnel together, and we just honestly push each other to be great and not slack, or get comfortable. We had a big goal in mind from last April, and fortunately, we’re still living that dream.”