ELOOnline : SuperBowl and Winter Olympics Coverage

On this edition of ELOOnline, Eric Lopez talks to Emmy Award winner and  SportstalkFlorida.com’s Media Insider James Williams about the Winter Olympics coverage on NBC and recaps Super Bowl coverage.JoeTroy

Why You Should Listen :  Eric Lopez talked to James Williams about Fox’s telecast of Super Bowl 48. What did Fox do well and what did Fox not do well in the coverage?  Williams also discusses some of the key off-season NFL storylines like who will end up with the Thursday night package? Will Pam Oliver stay at Fox? and more. Bob_Costas_2013

Lopez and Williams previewed the Winter Olympics coverage in Sochi,  What should the audience expect to see in this year’s olympics coverage?  What  goes behind the decision of showing an event live versus tape delay?  How many more Olympics will Bob Costas host?  Williams shares his thoughts on these topics.

Lopez and Williams also talk about the coverage Jameis Winston will get in College Baseball this spring and other sporting events to look forward to coming up in the spring. UPDATE : After ELOOnline podcast was finished recording,  news came out of the NFL and CBS reaching a deal for Thursday night package. Read James Williams story about it right here.

ELOOnline :  Super Bowl Telecast Recap and Winter Olympics Coverage Preview  

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