Eagles, Bills and Jets are interested in E.J. Manuel

Former Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel says three teams with Top 10 picks are showing strong interest in drafting him.

Manuel said on the Dan Patrick Show that the Eagles (who own the No. 4 overall pick), the Bills (No. 8) and the Jets (No. 9) have all made him feel like there’s a good chance they’ll select him.

“I feel really good about the Philadelphia Eagles, I feel really good about the Buffalo Bills, I feel really good about the New York Jets,” Manuel said. “I met with even more teams than that, but those are some of the teams I feel really confident in. I know they need quarterbacks, I know they want quarterbacks, they have brand new coaching staffs and things like that, so they want a fresh start. They want an energetic kind of quarterback to come in and play.”

Source: Michael David Smith, NBC Sports Pro Football Talk