Draft Week: What Happens To Michael Sam?

Now that NFL Draft week is finally here, many scouts are spending their time analyzing top picks and predicting second and third round selections. Draft prospect Michael Sam came out as gay months ago and we haven’t heard much about him since. So, what happens to him in the draft?

According to Pro Football Talk, there was a poll conducted among unnamed scouts that concluded that Sam could possibly go undrafted.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel suggests that the reason why Sam’s name isn’t circulating much in draft talk is because he’s thought of as a “non-entity.”

The poll took opinions from about 20 scouts and out of that number, only a few predicted that Sam could go in the fifth round. Others predicted he could be selected as late as the seventh and some even said they wouldn’t sign him at all.

If Sam is not drafted, scouts say that it won’t be completely based on his sexuality. Sam was named the defensive player of the year for 2013 in the SEC, but he’s still in between positions as defensive end and linebacker.

Many teams will want to avoid getting media attention for drafting a gay player. There will always be more than enough attention on him and the team he plays for, speculating why he’s not playing, what it’s like in the locker room, what his teammates think, etc. Every team in the league has most likely already considered that.

We’ll see if the NFL can move past homosexuality and draft Sam for his skills and abilities.

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