Donald Sterling blasts Magic Johnson on CNN

Donald Sterling talks with CNN's Anderson Cooper
Donald Sterling talks with CNN’s Anderson Cooper

Donald  Sterling told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he isn’t a racist and that the racist-rant recordings heard across the globe were a mistake and he is entitled to one mistake. He then took the opportunity to blast Magic Johnson.

According to TMZ  Sterling says Magic Johnson is a bad example for the children of L.A. because of what he did to “get A.I.D.S.” back in the ’90s … and says he should be ashamed of himself. 

Sterling made the comments to Anderson Cooper during his big CNN interview … saying “To do what [Magic] did and then get A.I.D.S. … I mean, come on.”

For the record, Magic does not have A.I.D.S. — but was diagnosed H.I.V. positive back in 1991. 

Sterling continued his attack on Magic — saying, “Big Magic Johnson … what has he done? He’s got A.I.D.S.”

“What kind of a guy goes to every city and has sex with every girl? Then he catches H.I.V. … is that someone we wanna respect and tell our kids about? I think he should be ashamed of himself. I think he should go into the background.”

Sterling also said he believes Magic tricked him into staying quiet in the days after TMZ Sports published the original audio recording as part of a diabolical plot to take over the Clippers. 

Sterling also just called Anderson Cooper a RACIST — saying, “I think you have more of a plantation mentality than I do … and I think you’re more of a racist than I am.”

Sterling didn’t explain why he believes Cooper is a racist. MORE…