DeSean Jackson Knows Who His “Real Homies Are”

We’ve all heard the talk about DeSean Jackson being cut by the Eagles because of his character and lack of friendliness with his teammates. Now, Jackson is speaking out to let people know that all that talk was not true.

In an interview with DJ Skee, Jackson said that the funniest part about all of the hype surrounding him is that his teammates love him.

“…The people that really know me, they’re like ‘Man where is all this coming from?’” Jackson said, via Dan Steinberg of theWashington Post. “I had teammates texting me and hitting me up, teammates that’s still on the Eagles right now, like ‘What were they talking about you ain’t a team guy, you don’t get along with people in your locker room?’ Everybody in the locker room loved me, you feel me?”

He went on to say that he “knows who his real homies are” and LeSean McCoy is one of them. He says that when you’re in the NFL, many people are afraid to speak up because they are afraid to get cut.

It’s because of that, Jackson salutes the players who stand up for what they believe in.

Unfortunately, his former Eagles teammates loved him, not coach Chip Kelly…

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