David Ortiz Furious That David Price Not Punished

David Price

David Ortiz was hit in the back by a David Price fastball Friday. Big Papi is irate that the Rays left-hander evidently is escaping unpunished while Red Sox starter Brandon Workman, who later threw a pitch behind Rays third baseman Evan Longoria and was promptly ejected, was fined and suspended on Tuesday for six games by Major League Baseball.

“We’re the ones getting fines and suspensions,” Ortiz said. “I guess the rules aren’t for everyone.

“I don’t think what they’re doing is fair. I think the rules should be for everybody. We didn’t start this up. I didn’t hit nobody. Workman didn’t hit anybody in the first inning. [Price] did.”

Ortiz pointed out how plate umpire Dan Bellino issued a warning to Price, as well as both teams, immediately after Ortiz was hit by the pitch in the bottom of the first, which showed, Ortiz said, that the umpires had determined intent on Price’s part.

“I thought the rule was for everybody,” Ortiz said. “I thought that the minute you figure someone hit someone on purpose — the rule says it right there — you’re going to follow up with it. In this case, it seems they ain’t. Workman throws one pitch behind Longoria, he got thrown out of the game. So [what] are you telling me? We haven’t hit nobody. But the guy who threw a pitch behind Longoria and he got thrown out of the game? So where we at?”