Cubs Take Matt Garza Off The Market?

In what could be a dramatic turnaround, the Cubs are now considering keeping righthanded starter Matt Garza on the North Side of Chicago.

Cubs officials, now obviously comfortable Garza is healthy, recently have broached such a possibility, according to industry sources. So while a trade still remains an option for Garza, for the first time in more than a year the sides are discussions about possibly signing Garza long-term. It had been presumed for weeks he would be traded for sure.

The likelihood of a multiyear deal being reached isn’t known yet, but there are suggestions there’s still a gap in talks.

The Cubs could also trade Garza, then try to re-engage him in the winter, another distinct possibility.

The Cubs declined comment on the new Garza contract talks, as did Garza’s agent Nez Balelo.

Source: Jay Heyman, CBS Sports