Costas: Rose, Bonds and Clemens get his vote

Bob Costas has his own thoughts on who should be in the baseball Hall of Fame
Bob Costas has his own thoughts on who should be in the baseball Hall of Fame

One the reason’s that I like Bob Costas is that he loves baseball but he also understands it is not a pure sport. He takes on all issues and never sugar coats things.  He told  John Feinstein that he would vote for some players the BBWAA seem to feel are not worthy.

Here is the full story from CBS Eye on Baseball: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, two of the greatest players in baseball history, came up (well) short yet again in the latest round of the Hall of Fame balloting. Specifically, Bonds checked in at 34.7 percent, while Clemens was barely better off at 35.4 percent.

Despite such a widespread lack of support among BBWAA voters, one of baseball’s most respected observers,  Costas, has a different view. During a recent appearance on John Feinstein’s show on CBS Sports Radio, Costas said the following:

“If I were a Hall of Fame voter, I would vote for Roger Clemens and for Barry Bonds…I make a distinction. I can’t be sure that Mark McGwire would be a Hall of Famer without PEDs – it’s possible…but we don’t know that for sure.”

Vote tallies notwithstanding, that’s not an uncommon stance — the “was he a Hall of Famer minus PED use” line of thinking, that is. Costas went on to argue for Pete Rose’s place in Cooperstown, saying that if PED users have a place there (which they no doubt already do and will again in the future), then why not the all-time hits leader? Mostly, though, it’s surprising to hear the man who is widely thought of as “baseball’s conscience” take such a stance. It’s a stance that many on the outside agree with.