Corey Ashe: We Go On The Field, Get The Job Done and Walk Off

Corey Ashe knows why Houston Dynamo don’t get the attention they probably deserve having been to 4 of the last 7 MLS Cups with a chance to win their 3rd over that span.

“LA has a lot of big guns with Donovan, Keane, Beckham – a lot of names that stand out,” the speedy left back told Sports Talk Florida in an exclusive interview.  “People that may not follow soccer as much, they see the big names and see how much these guys are making and [the Galaxy have] exciting players.

But we don’t really have any players on our team that are flashy.  We just have a group of individuals that go out and work hard and we get the job done collectively.”

Houston doesn’t mind they’re not mentioned in the national media as much as LA.  It’s not their style.

Whether fairly or unfairly, the Dynamo are known for they’re gritty, sometimes unattractive way of grinding out victories.  They’re known as the premier blue-collar team of MLS.  And the lack of attention and hype suits them just fine.

“We don’t really pay attention to what’s said in the media.  We just try to go out and win games.

We go on the field, get the job done and walk off.”

Corey Ashe’s statement embodies the Houston Dynamo way of thinking.  This ‘win by any means necessary and don’t worry what they say’ mentality which has served them so well clashes so perfectly with the Galaxy flashiness.  This game, more so than last year since Houston is now healthy and deeper, is the ultimate style vs. substance match.

“Look at the effort this team has,” Ashe implores.  “The fact that all eleven guys consistently give everything they have for 90 plus minutes is something I don’t think we necessarily get credit for.

Come playoff time, then it seems like everyone is like ‘Oh, the Dynamo they’re back!  How do they keep doing it?’  But I think what people really don’t pay attention to during the season is how we get the job done.  The first eight games were on the road, and it wasn’t pretty by any means but sometimes we just found ways to get it done.

That’s our big thing.  The effort, hardwork and determination.”

With all the attention going to David Beckham’s final MLS game (and justifiably so), one thing is getting lost.  What if the Dynamo win?

In an era that was supposed to belong to Beckham and his Galaxy of stars, it will actually have belonged to the gritty, blue collar beards of Houston.

Were you paying attention?

Listen to the entire interview below

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