Cold Weather Won’t Affect Montee Ball

On being drafted by Denver and having Peyton Manning as a quarterback:
“My first thought was that was my dream team growing up as a child. I landed on that team, which is a very rare opportunity – to land on your favorite team. The next thought was, ‘Wow. I’m going to be in the same backfield as Peyton Manning.’ I thought that from Day 1, we had a shot to be here.”
On how much he has matured over the course of his rookie season:
“A lot just because, especially as a rookie, you’re constantly learning. You’re picking up on how the veterans carry themselves and you’re learning every aspect of the NFL – film room, practice field, games, the media, all that stuff. I’ve been learning a lot.”
On what RB Knowshon Moreno has taught him this season:
“I’ve learned a lot from him. First off, we’re really close friends. I’ve made a strong bond with him off the field and, obviously, on the field. For me, he taught me a lot about how the NFL works because, being in the same meeting rooms, I talked to him the most and I just asked him a bunch of questions.”
On if he thinks he’s ready to be a featured running back if Moreno doesn’t return to the Broncos next season:
“Of course. I really think so. I really believe that. If it’s an unfortunate situation for him that he’s not here next year, I’ll most definitely be able to carry that role.”
On if he likes practicing in pads a few days before the Super Bowl:
“Yeah, of course, because I really feel that we played better as a team that upcoming game if you practice in pads. It’s a physical game and you’ve got to set your pads and get your mindset ready for Sunday.”
On what the final preparation is leading up to the Super Bowl:
“Tuning things up. We have certain situations that we take care of every day. We’re going to take care of those today, but it’s mainly keep your legs moving, keep your mindset going, keep your mind in the playbook and execute.”
On if he’s anxious at this point of Super Bowl week:
“Yeah, I am anxious. A lot of media requirements, I totally understand, but I’m ready to get out there and strap it up and get to playing some football.”
On if he’s thought about his life changing after playing in the Super Bowl:
“I have. Obviously, other than winning the football game, which is the most important thing and hoisting that trophy up, which we all can’t wait to do – this game, no matter what, will change all of our lives because we’ll always be able to talk about it 20 years down (the road).”
On if there will be nerves when he takes the field on Sunday:
“Yeah. I’ve been thinking about that, emotions, because there are players that have been playing for 15 years – 14, 15, 16 years – that have never had this opportunity. Getting it as a rookie is very special. Then as a child watching the Super Bowl and (now) I’m going to be on the field in one is a very special moment.”
On the cold not affecting him after playing for Wisconsin in college:
“It doesn’t affect me at all. I don’t really think it gets to us playing the game. We keep harping in our meetings that you can’t control it. You’re going to go out there and play in it anyways, so you might as well just forget about it and worry about playing 100 percent.”