Cobb Activated, Roberts Designated, Sternberg On A-Rod & Stadium Saga

Alex Cobb was activated off the 60-day disabled list and to make room for him on both the 40-man and 25-man roster the Rays designated utility infielder Ryan Roberts for assignment.

Cobb (6-2, 3.01 ERA) will take the mound tonight for the first time since being struck in the head by a line drive off the bat of Kansas City Royal Eric Hosmer on June 15th. His return from the subsequent head injury was delayed when he developed a blister on a finger on his throwing hand.

Last week Evan Longoria voiced his displeasure( full audio here)  that Alex Rodriguez is allowed to play while awaiting his appear to be heard saying:

I don’t think it’s fair for the other teams, because I’m in the American League East. Whether he is 100 percent or not, whether his mind is where it needs to be or not, he can affect the game in a positive way. He can affect the game in a tremendous way, which is being in the lineup. In a pennant race, he’s a guy you don’t want in the lineup. Looking at it from that perspective and that perspective only, I don’t think it’s fair that we can’t have an arbitrator hear the case sooner.

Sternberg backed Longoria telling the New York Post (Ken Davidoff article here):

“I haven’t really thought about it. But I’ll stand behind anything Evan has to say, He’s looking out for his club.”

Sternberg also took the moment to point out that J.C. Romero pitched against the Rays in the 2008 World Series while his appeal was heard after the 2nd game of the Series. Romero appeal was denied in January 2009 and he had to serve his 50 game season at the beginning of the 2009 season.

“He pitched against us in the World Series, It happened. It’s distasteful. But I don’t know. It might have changed the outcome at that point. Maybe that’s where some of its coming from [with Longoria]. But clearly, we’ve been impacted by it.”

MLB Commission Bud Selig also spoke about the Rays stadium situation calling the whole situation…stop me if we’ve heard this before….troubling.

He said that MLB will step in but did not offer specifics as to how or what role MLB will play in the stadium saga. Stu Sternberg added to the discussion by saying that the Rays stadium situation has reached a boiling point.



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