Chris Archer Exemplifies True Class

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer was extended to a six-year, $25 million deal earlier this morning.

At noon, the Rays held a press conference to officially announce the deal. At such conference, he got a little emotional while talking about his journey throughout his baseball career. He mentioned that he got cut from his 7th grade baseball team saying “For any kid who’s been told in life you can’t do something in life: You can. I’m living proof of that. Few things in life are guaranteed, and the Rays have guaranteed me six years. I’m going to give them everything I can,” Archer said.

Archer has had a huge impact on the local community. In his short time in Tampa so far, he’s founded an organization called Archway Foundation. The organization takes in kids who love baseball and and have great character. Typically, it costs the average family a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to get into a baseball program, but Archway Foundation does it for free by taking in those who’s life situation might prohibit them from playing baseball otherwise.

“We’re betting on guys who have a burning desire to be great. That’s front and center here today,” GM Andrew Friedman had to say about the deal.

On the field, he doesn’t accept failure. It was enjoyable to watch him in his rookie season last year to stride to be the best. He looked up to veteran David Price and often you could see the two talking — Price giving him tips and pointers on how to improve his technique and craft.

Archer pitched in 128.2 innings for the Rays last year, racking up two complete games and two shutouts and went on to place third in Rookie of the Year voting. Ultimately, teammate Wil Myers won the award.

Chris Archer exemplifies true class. I hope he sticks around much longer than 2019.