CBS analyst Gary Danielson on Florida vs. Georgia

Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson will be calling all the action of the Florida vs. Georgia Saturday on CBS.
Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson will be calling all the action of the Florida vs. Georgia Saturday on CBS.

Saturday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. the CBS SEC football crew of  Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson and reporter Tracy Wolfson will be at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, for the Florida vs. Georgia game. Yesterday, Danielson shared some of his thoughts on the game with Sports Talk Florida on this years rivalry battle.

What does this year’s game mean to each team?

Danielson: The reason this game means so much is because it means so little.  Both of these teams entered the season thinking they could compete for the National Championship, and the loser of this game is going to have a devastated season.  That creates a whole lot of pressure in this football game.

What is the impact of Jeff Driskel’s Injury?

Danielson: Jeff Driskel’s injury had a compound affect on this team. He wasn’t having a great year, but they felt comfortable with their back-up quarterback at the time (Murphy) and were willing to let Driskel run enough to give another dimension to their offense.  There is nobody behind Tyler Murphy they feel comfortable with, so they have to be more conservative and can’t afford to let him run around. They don’t have a great offensive attack and that has limited them even further. They have had to hide their quarterback and that’s exposed their inability to pass protect.

Speaking of injuries both teams are banged up.

Danielson: Had Florida and Georgia stayed healthy they were the two most talented teams in the SEC East.  They play a different style of football, but were the two top teams in the East going into the season and legitimate threats to win the SEC in a one game shootout versus Alabama, LSU or Texas A&M.  Both teams have just been ravaged by injuries.  Georgia has lost so many playmakers.  The Bulldogs were in control of the Vanderbilt game before the injuries started piling up.  They could have won that game easily if the breaks had not gone against them.

Talk about the keys for both teams to win on Saturday.

Danielson: It’s going to be up to Georgia to handle the match-up that Will Muschamp presents with his defense. I’m looking for them to load the box and play man-to-man on the outside, believing their corners can cover Georgia’s injured wide receiver core and not let Todd Gurley beat them.  Florida has been run on the last two weeks.  Georgia needs to pierce that game plan, expose Florida’s secondary and produce some big plays.