Cardinals’ Wainwright Okay After Hyper Extending Knee

Adam Wainwright

St. Louis Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright gave fans, teammates and coaches alike a scare Tuesday night when he hyper-extended his right knee while attempting to cover first base on a ground ball up the right side in the bottom of the seventh inning. He was 79 pitches into the start but had to leave after the play.

The training staff checked him out and gave him a series of tests to test his leg strength. According to Wainwright, via the St. Louis-Dispatch, he checked out okay:

“My ACL, MCL, UCL, all those LCLs, QCLs, all the CLs are good,” Wainwright said, listing actual and fictional ligaments that could have been damaged in twist. “It’s one of those (plays) that looks scarier than it actually was. … I expected it to be more painful than it actually was.”

Teammate Matt Holiday called Wainwright a “baby giraffe.”

The Cardinals wound up winning 3-0, with Kevin Siegrist and Trevor Rosenthal handling the pitching duties. Wainwright could miss his next start (TBD) but he insisted he’d be okay.