Budweiser Blimp Breaks Free, Floats Away

The good people at Budweiser Canada had a blimp designed to look like a goal light. They teased it in an ad during the Super Bowl and it later appeared over the skies of Toronto before the Canadian men’s team’s first game in Sochi.

Well, while it was stationed in New Brunswick at a ball hockey tournament Saturday, the 70-foot long blimp broke free of its tether and floated away.

CBC.ca has more:

According to Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADOR), the blimp was last reported floating 1,200 to 1,500 metres up.

The report says the blimp was travelling northeast at approximately 11 km/h and is expected to descend somewhere over Sussex, N.B.

It’s not clear when the blimp will come back down to earth.

A Notice to Airmen alert was issued for the Moncton airport and the Saint John flight service station, but CADORS does not expect the loose blimp to impact operations.

A local resident took this picture Saturday, and according to CTV News, there was no sign of the blimp as of yesterday.