Broncos’ Thomas Has Chemistry with Manning

On who would finish first in the 40:
“Me first. I’m not going to say by a lot. (Eric) Decker has a quick take-off. He always beats me off the ball. Decker second and Julius (Thomas) then (Wes) Welker.”
On his nerves:
“They’re better now. We got a couple of practices in, watched more film and got settled in very well, so they’re better now.”
On what it means for Coach Fox to say the team is weatherproof:
“It means a lot. I feel like the weather can’t bother us. We still can go out and perform like we want to perform.”
On if the offense has to adapt:
“Yeah, I think so, have to change up some things. Our main focus is putting points on the board so we can win the game, and we’ve been able to do that so far. Now I feel like we’re more balanced, capable of running the ball and run some time off the clock and then we can throw it when we want to.”
On Peyton Manning previously being an outsider on the team:
“I always thought he was an insider. You know, once he got here everyone came around him, made him feel like he was home. So I always felt like he was part of the team. Now, whenever he says something everybody listens, so I don’t know.”
On Manning’s passes:
“It doesn’t matter what the ball looks like, it’s always in the right spot. That’s the main thing with him. I still remember the first day I was throwing with Peyton, throwing the ball, it probably wasn’t the prettiest ball but it was always in the right spot and it was easy to catch. I’ve never had a quarterback like that, so I enjoyed it.”
On why his passes are so easy to catch:
“Like I said, it’s like catching tissue paper. It’s so easy to catch, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a spiral or wobbly.”
On if he’s thought about the impact a big play in the Super Bowl could have on his life:
“I haven’t. The main thing I’ve been thinking about is just trying to get the win. I don’t care if I’m the MVP or I don’t have a catch at all, I just want to get the win.”
On how to handle a DB talking on the field:
“Ever since I’ve been playing, I try not to let that bother me. I never say anything back to a DB because I feel like if I say something back, they win the battle. They can get in my head if I tend to say something back and bother my game. I don’t say anything back, I just go out and do my job and play my Super Bowl.”
On if it frustrates DBs when he doesn’t say anything back:
“I don’t really know. I haven’t really noticed it, but I never say anything.”
On his confidence in scoring:
“Yeah, I’m confident. I’m sure my offensive coordinator is going to put me in the right position to make a touchdown, and all I’ve got to do is go out and execute it now. I’m confident and hopefully I can score.”
On his chemistry with Manning:
“Since last year and coming up to this year, it gets better and better every week, every month or whatever. I think our chemistry has built so big that he trusts me to make a play for him and that’s what a receiver wants, a quarterback that trusts his guy.”
On how hard Manning throws the ball:
“If he has to throw it hard he can. But most of the time he really doesn’t throw it hard, he’s just got a lot of touch on it and the timing is perfect. The chemistry is so great that he knows when to throw it, and if he has to throw it hard, he can.”