Brazil Is Still Behind For the 2014 FIFA World Cup


FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke is giving Brazilian organisers only four weeks to show that the stadium in Curitiba will be ready in time for the World Cup.
Valcke showed real concern about the pace of construction at the Arena da Baixada after visiting the southern city on Tuesday, saying that work there is badly late. The Frenchman remains hopeful the stadium will make it, but declined to guarantee it will be part of the tournament that begins in June.

”What we are expecting is that these technicians will work from now up to Feb. 18 and by Feb. 18 they will say, ‘OK, guys, it’s fine,”’ Valcke said.

“For the time being, I trust that the decisions that have been made today will give us Curitiba as one of the host cities,” Valcke told a news conference. “It will be a difficult birth, but at the end we will have a baby.”

Brazil promised to be finished with building the stadiums by the end of 2013 but only the 6 stadiums that were built for the Confederations Cup are ready. Four of those six stadiums missed their deadline in 2012.

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