Braves Leave Uggla Off Playoff Roster

Braves_Dan_Uggla_1Second baseman Dan Uggla is being paid $13 million this season by the Atlanta Braves, so you’d think he would have a prominent role against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League division series starting Thursday night. You can imagine the Dodgers going over scouting reports, discussing how to neutralize the Braves’ highest-paid player.

They needn’t worry. The Braves have left Uggla off their playoff roster because he isn’t one of their best 25 players.

Uggla is hitting .179 this season (and he weighs 205 pounds, so he truly isn’t hitting his weight) and has struck out 171 times in 448 at-bats. In other words, he’s a pretty bad player.

Source: Houston Mitchell, LA Times