Boston Globe Columnist Dan Shaughnessy Calls Red Sox “Losers”

Boston Globe Columnist Lays Out Red Sox For Their Reaction To Stolen Base


Rays fans may best remember Dan Shaughnessy for his comments made during the rain delay between the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox in Game 162 while the Rays were down 7-0 to the Yankees.

He famously jinxed the Red Sox by saying, “I think the Rays are not going to win tonight and the one thing we’ve eliminated tonight is that the Red Sox season is not going to end tonight. They live to play another day.” (See Video Below)

Now Rays fans will have another thing to remember him by and that is being the voice of reason concerning the benches clearing incident between the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox.

Jonny Gomes would have you believe that it was Yunel Escobar stealing third base while the Rays held a 5-run lead in the bottom of the seventh and then took off his helmet and challenged the whole Boston dugout.

In reality, it was the Boston Red Sox who were on their way to dropping their tenth straight game that over reacted to a player taking a base while their third baseman had his head down – in other words – a good baseball play.

For some reason, member or members of the Red Sox dugout took umbrage to Escobar’s action and chided him. The language used is unknown but it was harsh enough to incite Escobar to angrily react.

While some Red Sox scribes were trying to justify the actions and shift blame to the Rays or Yunel Escobar it was Dan Shaughnessy who delivered the most accurate statement of all in a single poignant tweet.

Game 162 Red Sox Jinx




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