Ben Bishop Is “Ready To Go Next Year”

Ben Bishop

Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop spoke to the media as he was clearing his locker out. He answered a lot of questions about his injuries. He confirmed that he dislocated his elbow just before the playoffs and was aiming for game 6, if the Lightning made it that far. He also confirmed that he pulled a ligament in his wrist just before the all star break, of which he’s having surgery on next week.

(Have you thought about the progress that you’ve made this year?)

“Yeah I thought it was a good year. Any time you make the playoffs it was a good year. It was obviously a tough ending. I really wanted to play in the playoffs, it was something I looked forward to the last two months. To get hurt when I did was really tough. We had a great group of guys in there, we did something special. We made the playoffs. No one had us in there. On that front, it was a good season.”

(How close were you to playing in game 4?)

“I landed on it, dislocated it, popped out, popped it back in when I went back in the locker room. It didn’t feel good. It’s been two weeks yesterday. I was hopefully aiming for game 6.”

(How’s your wrist?)

“I tore my ligament right before that all star break so I was playing with a cast the second half of the year so I’m gonna have surgery next week.”

(What does that entail?)

“Yeah it’s a couple months recovery. It’s ligament repair so it’s gonna be in a cast for 6 weeks and then it’s about a month and a half, two months for recovery.”