Basketball Fan Predicts Championship with Tattoo

Maybe we should start getting tattoos of our March Madness predictions instead of creating brackets on the internet…Okay, maybe not.

But one crazy fan did get a tattoo that predicts the winner of Monday’s National Championship game and he’s so close to being right.

You can judge him all you want but he’s the one going to the game, not you. All because of this tattoo, he has been awarded two free tickets, courtesy of a CBS reporter. Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports had a phone interview with Tyler. He reports that Tyler and his friend Nathan are taking Nathan’s mom’s car on the 900-mile journey to North Texas.

The passionate fan talked to USA Today Sports and he said that he did not expect this to happen.

“The seats are probably somewhere on the roof, but just being there for this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I can’t really believe it’s actually happening.”

For more on this story visit: Kyle Tucker, USA Today Sports