Grant Balfour Press Conference:

Just a few weeks ago during the conference call announcing the James Loney signing Rays Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations said:

“As we sit here today and we look out spring training 6 weeks from now our payroll projects to be a franchise record.” Friedman said. “I think it’s an unaffordable figure for our franchise  but I think its something that Stu [Sternberg] has been very steadfast and doing everything he can in putting our best foot forward to win as many games as we possibly can as we continue to build the foundation and the fan base in this area.  But it’s certainly not a sustainable number  in terms of where we are revenue wise but we feel we have a really good chance to be great next year and that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

So, how does the front office go from unaffordable figure and not a sustainable number to increasing it by signing Grant Balfour? Stu Sternberg addressed the payroll in today’s press conference: