Astros’ Clemens Ejected After Hitting Batter (Video)


Let’s go back a little. Last Friday, several Astros players and Jed Lowrie got into a shouting match after he tried to lay down a bunt despite his team’s seven-run lead. One of baseball’s unwritten rules is that you don’t bunt in a blowout but he did anyway.

Astros RHP Paul Clemens threw two pitches inside to Lowrie. He didn’t hit him, but one pitch went right though his legs, which Lowrie didn’t appreciate. He started yelling at former teammate Jose Altuve, which prompted Astros manager Bo Porter to come out of the dugout and say something. The benches didn’t clear.

Fast forward a little to Thursday night, when the two clubs opened a four-game series. This time around Clemens hit Lowrie. The A’s were up by seven runs again and he threw at Lowrie, hitting him in the behind. Because of his past, he was ejected immediately.

Lowrie called Clemens’ actions “flat-out embarrassing.” This is what he told’s Jane Lee.

“I still don’t understand why it was made into a big deal to begin with,” Lowrie said. “He throws at me twice in Oakland, and then throws at me again today. For a number of reasons it’s embarrassing. I had him in an at-bat before, I hit a double off him, and then he throws at me the first pitch. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“It hit me in the back leg. I’d be curious what his answer was, or what Bo’s answer was. It’s pretty obvious that he was throwing at me on purpose for the third time.”